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Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Medical & Dental Office Cleaning

medical office cleaning HawaiiITS Clean Hawaii provides cleaning services to doctor’s offices, hospital facilities, health departments, and pharmacies. As such, we understand the importance of proper disinfecting, sanitation, and appearance of all areas from your lobby to the operating room. ITS Clean Hawaii prides itself on ensuring that your entire facility will always be “hospital clean”.

ITS Clean Hawaii understands that healthcare reform and rising medical costs affects your bottom line. If the future of healthcare lies in lowering expenses and passing on the savings to the consumer in order to maintain affordability, how can you successfully do this without compromising value? ITS Clean Hawaii believes the answer is clear: Outsource your hospital and medical office cleaning services. Trust ITS Clean Hawaii to cut costs while improving the quality of service and overall cleanliness of your hospital or medical facility.


ITS Clean Hawaii’s Trusted Medical Office Cleaning Service Provides:

  • Trusted expertise in health cleaning services. Medical cleaning is an extensive endeavor that can make or break your patients overall experience and affect your facilities’ quality rating. As such, ITS a job best left to well-trained experts you can trust, just like the experts at ITS Clean Hawaii.
  • Identifying the specific service to meet your needs. ITS Clean Hawaii’s experienced and certified medical office cleaning team will work with you from the outset to develop and deliver a service plan that efficiently meets your needs without compromising the quality of service you’re accustomed to. ITS Clean Hawaii’s extensive experience in medical facility cleaning guarantees you’ll have just the right company that knows exactly how to clean, maintain, and take care of your hospital or medical facilities.
  • Accountability for your medical cleaning. Your hospital’s doctors and medical staff should be concentrating on their patient’s care and needs, not worrying if the restroom needs to be restocked or if the floors are clean. ITS Clean Hawaii’s medical cleaning services ensure that you never have to let medical cleaning become a worry or inconvenience to you.
  • Competitive business solutions. Outsourcing your medical cleaning services provides you with fully trained staff familiar with medical cleaning. Further, ITS Clean Hawaii professionals understand the importance of keeping your facilities clean. When you don’t have to worry about burdens like stocking, cleaning, and payroll, outsourcing your medical cleaning services maintains a high quality of service while ensuring a lower cost than hiring an in-house cleaning team.

Residential Condominiums

Janitorial Condominiums CleaningITS Clean Hawaii is committed to providing your tenants and guests with the utmost attention to your building appearance and maintenance. We offer a full range of janitorial services from carpet cleaning to common area maintenance. ITS Clean Hawaii prides itself on having the know-how, equipment, and highly trained staff to handle any request. ITS Clean Hawaii customizes programs to meet the your specific cleaning requirements. We provide uniformed, friendly technicians who offer little to no interruption to your commercial complex, so while the results are noticeable, the process is not.

ITS Clean Hawaii’s management staff are integral in providing supervised, well-trained technicians, personable client contact and troubleshooting/reporting any potential property concerns so you stay abreast of everything important to you.

Our Janitorial services includes:


  • Cleaning interior/exterior glass in the entrance
  • Cleaning and polishing elevators including tracks
  • Washing interior hallway windows and window frames
  • Sweeping and mopping stairwells and common area hard surfaces
  • Wiping down handrails
  • Cleaning and organizing pool and meeting room areas
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces
  • High dust entire building to remove cobwebs
  • Disinfecting and cleaning restrooms
  • Replenishing paper and soap dispensers
  • Throwing out trash and replacing waste basket liners
  • Vacuuming carpets and door mats
  • Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher, and exit signs
  • Wiping down mailroom
  • Wiping down and cleaning laundry room machines and filters
  • Cleaning mechanical and storage rooms

School & Office Cleaning

ITS Clean Hawaii understands that a clean environment is the first step in assuring a good education. We provide quality services to your facility so that every student, faculty member, parent, and visitor entering your school feels safe and comfortable.

ITS Clean Hawaii understands that, as your school budget shrinks and it becomes difficult to make your resources stretch, outsourcing your cleaning services can help you meet your budgetary goals by providing professional, accountable commercial school maintenance. ITS Clean Hawaii’s trained staff of custodial professionals reduces your financial strain by providing expertise and experience. ITS Clean Hawaii delivers cost-effective custodial services to fit every budget. From anticipating, responding to, and evaluating your needs, ITS Clean Hawaii can create the best programs for your facility. Trust in us to deliver bottom-line benefits to your institution, enabling you to focus on the business of educating students.

ITS Clean Hawaii’s extensive experience in commercial school maintenance means that you can rest assured that we understand your specific needs. We offer a qualified workforce combined with proven school cleaning services processes and industry-leading technology.

ITS Clean Hawaii offers a wide range of cleaning services for schools, including:

  • Cleaning interior/exterior glass in your administrative buildings and classrooms
  • Cleaning dividers including tracks
  • Washing interior windows and window frames
  • Sweeping and mopping stairwells and common area hard surfaces
  • Wiping down handrails
  • Cleaning meeting room areas
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces
  • High dust entire school to remove cobwebs
  • Disinfecting and cleaning restrooms
  • Replenishing paper and soap dispensers
  • Throwing out trash and replacing waste basket liners
  • Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher, and exit signs

Window Washing Service

Window wahing hawaiiFrom retail store-fronts, restaurants, bars, large office buildings, to commercial spaces, ITS Clean Hawaii can handle all of your window cleaning needs! ITS Clean Hawaii offers interior and exterior window cleaning service spanning any 1 to 2 story buildings. To meet your window cleaning requirements, ITS Clean Hawaii offers year-round weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-time contract services.

No matter the size of your business, ITS Clean Hawaii is focused on attention to the smallest details. We treat your business as if it were our own. All of your glass surfaces are washed with industry-standard cleaning solutions formulated for use with high-quality squeegee equipment guaranteed not to harm tinting or other protective films. After each window is cleaned, we will dry the perimeter of each pane where the water collects, ensuring not only a crystal clear finish, but also providing a “total window” cleaning experience.

As Hawaii’s leading commercial window cleaning company, we’ve learned a lot since our founding, and one thing is always true, clean windows are not only a reflection on your business, they’re also a reflection on ours, and ITS Clean Hawaii continually endeavors to provide your business with a specialized “kama’aina” window cleaning treatment every time. Remember, your windows aren’t clean until they’re ITS Clean!

We believe in forging long-term relationships with our customers by providing unmatched cleaning quality no matter how big or how small the job. We know what separates ITS Clean Hawaii is providing great service, extensively training our employees, and using the most effective products available.

You will not find a company as motivated or as capable of impressing you. Big or small, commercial or residential, ITS Clean Hawaii will exceed your highest expectations—floor to ceiling.

Troy Wurtz

President, ITS Clean Hawaii

At Duke’s Waikiki, we serve thousands of guests daily, our goal is to provide a memorable experience. I am stoked with ITS Clean Hawaii is our professional cleaning service. ITS Clean Hawaii insists on exceeding our expectations every nightly service. They never stop looking for ways to improve and take pride in making Duke’s look like new every visit.

I highly recommend ITS Clean Hawaii for businesses that want a trustworthy, reliable cleaning service at an extraordinary value.

Dylan Ching

GM, Dukes Waikiki

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